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Remediation of ventilation systems and extraction laundries systems

This system class includes different types based on various purposes: air conditioning systems, exhaust systems dedicated to different industrial processes (for instance the industrial laundries extraction systems),  primary air supply systems, to name the most important. Their management problems are to maintain high performance and to be in compliance with the current regulations on safety.

The common feature concerns operation. Ventilation systems are worldwide present in different fields, industrial, commercial, naval and residential. They need, like other kind of ventilation systems, to be monitored and a periodic maintenance is a good prevention rule for a proper and efficient use.

Over time, formations of heterogeneous particulates are generated within these systems (and other specific compounds of the activity to which they are destined), which stratifying on the internal surfaces of the ducts. Thus they contribute to develop criticalities about risk of trigger and fire conductivity and the performance of the system.

The increasing of layers (textile fibers, powders, organic deposits, but also residues of processing sometimes even oily etc.) reduces the efficiency of the system and inevitably the fire risk factor, derived from high flammability which these formations have, grows up.

The aim is to remove the accumulated particulate stratifications thus eliminating the risk of fire trigger, and at the same time bringing the flow parameters to a better range.

Global Trading is a NADCA member (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) internationally recognized American reference body, which has determined the procedures and standards related to the remediation of air ventilation systems.

The acquired competence allows us to perform the intervention without interfering with daily customer activities. Our specialized operators are coordinated by ASCS certified technicians (Air Systems Cleaning Specialist NADCA).


Our  technical office is available to carry out inspections and free evaluations of the conditions of your system and do what is necessary to keep it in good standing and in safety


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