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Legionella Treatment

Legionella pneumophila is a gram-negative aerobic bacterium, responsible for the disease defined as “legionellosis” or better known as Legionnaire’s disease.  “Legionellosis” is the noun which has been given to all the forms caused by Legionella genus: the disease could manifest itself as pneumonia, whose mortality rate ranging between 10-15%, as extra-pulmonary feverish form (called “Pontiac Fever”) or at last, in a subclinical form.

The Legionella genus includes 61 different species (subspecies included) and about 70 serogroups but not all have been associated with human disease. Legionella pneumophila is the most frequently detected species in diagnosed cases and is made up of 16 seroproups, of which the one is the cause of 95% infections in Europe and 85% worldwide.

Legionellae are present in natural aquatic environments such as spring waters, including thermal waters, rivers, lakes, muds and artificial ones such as drinking water distribution systems (shower heads, taps), tanks, boilers, sanitary equipment (for instance therapy by inhalation), dehumidifiers and fountains, as well as cooling towers, air conditioning systems and evaporative condensers.

The risk conditions are those associated with aerosols, thus every condition of use in which the water comes to nebulize (due to heat or impact on a surface) is a contagious risk situation, if the bacterium is present.

The risk to be affected by legionellosis is mainly related to the susceptibility of the exposed subject (predisposing factors are for instance the old age, smokers, subjects already affected by chronic diseases and immunodeficiency) and to the intensity of exposure (virulence, charge, infectious bacterial and exposure time). Legionella is considered responsible for a large part of respiratory infectious diseases in hospital and community settings. Legionellosis is a severe pneumonia subject to mandatory notification in Italy and in Europe.

On May 7th 2015, all the indications given in the previous national and regulatory guidelines were updated and supplemented: “Guidelines for the prevention and control of legionellosis”. The document has been updated in the light of new scientific knowledge, with the technical support of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and experts in the field. Based on the experience and skills we have, our company is able to provide the following services, in compliance with the above Guidelines:

  • drafting of the DVR;
  • manual drafting of self-control;
  • monitoring and sampling activities;
  • laboratory analysis;
  • shock interventions and maintenance treatment.

The dynamics to be followed in the water circuit are various, with many variables due both to the conditions of use (drinking or not) and to the service destinations that these have (civil, industrial, naval, health, etc.). Global Trading has succeeded in developing an effective intervention practice in all situations, maintaining a careful analysis approach to the specifics of each individual case.

Moreover, in consideration of the scientific research carried out in this area, the method has been defined to be effective and at the same time the least invasive possible, both for the users and for the system. As the matter of facts various treatments kind were created and someone are still used, but not equally comparable for invasiveness.

We emphasize that although the treatment is born to face the Legionella problem, its efficacy isn’t exclusive for this bacterium, on the contrary it extends to all the main pathogens existing in water environment.

Our  technical office is available to carry out inspections and free evaluations of the conditions of your system and do what is necessary to keep it in good standing and in safety


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