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Remediation of smokes stacks and exhaust manifolds parts

The combustion process by the main engine of M/V generates particulate layers that stratify on the internal surfaces of the exhaust gas manifold ducts, which once ejected they cause atmospheric pollution, without considering the risk of trigger and fire conductivity due to the high temperature reachable within these exhaust ducts. At last but not the least the bad life’s quality which is generated on board.

We plan and carry out remediation interventions of the exhaust systems, even during ship’s regular operations.

The desire to improve ourselves and our standards to become a reference company for the air ducts maintenance, encourages us every day. We patented the K.W.D. (Keep Water Diaphragm) system in 2010, thanks to this urge, which today is still requested by the great international cruise companies.

The desire to become a reference company in increasingly competitive fields, has led us in innovating the systems and standards used to be ready to meet the new challenges that the customers give.

In 2010 after careful testing, we designed and built a new equipment that allows the recovery of the resulting liquids derived from the washing of the exhaust gas boiler that are interconnected with the exhaust manifolds of the M/V.

The new system called K.W.D. (Keep Water Diaphragm) has unique features and such as to be considered as the most suitable solution for ease of use and guaranteed results. The high tightness of liquids has been demonstrated during the homologation tests.

The K.W.D. project has been chosen by some of the most important shipping companies, which decided to implement the system on their M/V in operation and on new ones.

K.W.D. is a patented system (IT/1402164).

Our  technical office is available to carry out inspections and free evaluations of the conditions of your system and do what is necessary to keep it in good standing and in safety


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