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Remediation and disinfection of HVAC systems and air handling units (AHU)

The climate change in recent years has led to an important diffusion of air conditioning and HVAC systems, which have become indispensable to have a better  indoor air quality and consequently improving our life quality. Their maintenance is essential to have both good performance and safety/hygiene requirements, as well as current regulations have established, given also the increasing of demonstrations by scientific researches.

HVAC systems filter and treat air in confined environments changing the hygrometric, temperature and flow features .
The same have to be monitored, remediated and disinfected periodically, to guarantee the quality and correct replacement air volumes.

Scientific research shows that a good IAQ (indoor air quality) correlates with a better quality of life.

Despite the presence of filtering bodies, in some case also High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA), various types of layers are going to stratify and with favorable conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.) become a proliferation ground for a great variety of pathogens such as staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, molds and yeast, legionella pneumophila ecc., arthropods (mites, arachnids), organic biological material of plant origin (pollens), all harmful to human health. These also find in the system a way of diffusion in the indoor environment (see “News” section for further information).

Indoor environments are considered a place of transmission of numerous infectious diseases, also of epidemic nature: influenza, varicella, measles, pneumonia, legionellosis, psittacosis-ornithosis, ecc.

The possibility to be affect by one of these diseases depends on features related to the micro-organism itself (pathogenicity, virulence, inhaled dose), environmental conditions (humidity, temperature, light, organic layers), and elements related to the host (subjects with greater immune susceptibility such as in bronchopneumopaths, children and the elderly, immunosuppressed, smokers, subjects exposed to irritants ecc.). HVAC systems, due to their characteristics of use, especially at some times of the year, accommodate development, diffusion and contamination in the indoor environments.

We spend the most part of the day in indoor environments (about 90% on average) and the correlation between incidence and epidemiological prevalence and bad IAQ is strong, including the increasing of asthmatic and / or allergic patients.  In addition to the existing maintenance and surveillance protocols, in EU commission it is being discussed the definition of more rules on health control, emissions and safety (see the “News” section).

All HVAC systems both in cooling and heating, have to be monitored and disinfected periodically, to ensure the correct indoor air quality and to prevent the pathogens and pollutants diffusion’s risk. By the way, in Italian laws are specified some parameters which the systems must have, to be in compliance. The motivations are rooted in scientific studies as well as we have said above.

Global Trading, is a member of AIISA (Italian Association of Air Systems Hygienists) and of NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaner Association) which is an internationally recognized American reference body that established the standards and operational protocols for reclamation and disinfection. These memberships allows us to still remain updated in this field and at the same time to follow certificate methods.

Thanks to the skills and experience made at international level, our specialized operators coordinated by ASCS certified technicians (Air Systems Cleaning Specialist – NADCA) are able to intervene in operational organizations without interfering with their daily activities.

Our opinion is that a careful management which have considered efficiency, hygiene, safety, also in compliance with regulations, includes maintenance actions periodically. Our technical office works for ad-hoc analysis, providing support also for revisions to the DVR, in order to produce a customized solution that allows to keep under control the contamination levels. For this purpose, it is necessary:

  • A specific technical control, supported by sampling and laboratory analysis in compliance with the NADCA standards, of which we are member, and Italian laws.
  • The reclamation and disinfection of the HVAC system and its component parts.

The monitoring has the purpose of checking and managing any extra issues, that aren’t considered in maintenance intervention scheduled.

We have defined a dossier where we are going to record the maintenance activities performed by us (both monitoring and technical intervention of remediation and disinfection). The maintenance booklet, as we have called it, allows the customer and the control bodies to verify the correct application of regulations, contributing to the optimization of management costs.

Our  technical office is available to carry out inspections and free evaluations of the conditions of your system and do what is necessary to keep it in good standing and in safety.


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