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Global Trading was originally established as a general service company, but with time, becoming an organization able to perform high quality services of HVAC and water systems maintenance in industrial, naval, civil fields. Thanks to the quality of services offered, our company has won the approval of leading naval, industrial and civil groups, thus extending its business to other work fields, from the evaluation of safety parameters (es.: slipping risk assessment) to “duct’s coating”. These now are growing as work fields, proving that Global Trading have the ability and professionalism to offer effective and suitable solutions

Global Trading has continuously invested in staff training projects and in the research and development of field related equipment. Indeed Global Trading has gained excellent results becoming an efficient and reliable partner able to manage logistics of men and equipment for worldwide interventions.

Global Trading is now an appreciated partner of most important companies of the cruise industry that has been a real training ground for us: it has allowed to grow by enhancing qualities of our standard and staff abilities, facing every conditions and solving the most hard issues.

As a result we learned how it must be done in order to avoid to interfere with customers daily activities. Our staff is specialized to make resolutive interventions without hindering you and your work or affairs, even when we have to work in facilities in operation.

The customer’s requests allowed us to gain experience in every work fields, differentiating the kind of our intervention and managing to satisfy the different needs with a highly flexible organization. Therefore Global Trading has developed a stringent commitment to system plant decontamination and disinfection.

Our  technical office is available to carry out inspections and free evaluations of the conditions of your system and do what is necessary to keep it in good standing and in safety.

Our Sponsorships

Global Trading Srl is a sponsor of Girls Basketball Golfo dei Poeti, a youth basketball association based in Cestistica Spezzina (Termocarispe), a local level team that competes in the top Italian league series, and also supports non-profit associations Il Porto dei Piccoli and Letizia nel Cuore, attesting its personal support to the community.

Il Porto dei Piccoli gives support to hospitalized children and their families through socializing and learning initiatives developed by an approach based on play and knowledge of the sea culture, harbor and environment. The in-hospital projects are backed up by outside activities aimed at giving fun and support to children receiving in-home therapy and at making school-age children aware of the hospital environment through dedicatedprojects. The purpose of non-profit organization Letizia nel Cuore is to support and help families with motion-impaired or disabled people requiring continuous care, maintenance therapies and aids, assisting and enabling them to face the daily challenges and to enjoy some moments of peace, less stress and problem solving.

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