The national regulations require the elimination of the risk of exposure to biological pathogens or its reduction to the lowest possible level. It isn’t possible to delete the presence of molds, but it is possible to contain them with appropriate prevention and monitoring measures such as:
– adequate indoor humidity levels (<60%),
– adequate ventilation and compliance with general sanitary regulations
Moreover basic activities of monitoring and inspection of the air handling system  aimed at maintaining the integrity of the building envelope and all identification of water infiltrations. In this context, the State – Regions Conference agreement provides practical techniques for the assessment and management of risks related to the hygiene of HVAC systems and for the planning of maintenance interventions.

INAIL with a small booklet discusses in just two pages the theme of molds in confined environments (working or not), identifying which are the mechanisms of proliferation and contamination in relation to the chemical-physical features of indoor environments.

The article finishes summing up the possible monitoring and prevention measures to do.

Mold Contamination



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